WordPress in Kubernetes

Boost your website productivity with our WordPress-specialized cloud solution. Run your WordPress website on Kubernetes to unleash to the fullest the creative potential of the most popular content management platform. 
Why is it important?

From small blogs and local business card websites to large corporate or news websites, WordPress is widely used as both a CMS and a website builder. In particular, many e-commerce startups and online shops have their websites running on WordPress.

During the high-load sales period, such websites can experience abrupt traffic spikes due to an influx of visitors. If the underlying infrastructure is not prepared for this, the website’s systems become overwhelmed with the number of requests and it becomes unresponsive.

Another common problem with WordPress is that some of its plugins can negatively impact website speed. The plugins will block a website database, which in turn affects the processing of customer queries and website response time.

Clearly such performance issues can be very annoying to website users and have a devastating effect on business.

How we can help

If you have similar problems with your WordPress website, we know how to help! SHALB offers a cloud-based,  WordPress-optimized Kubernetes cluster on Amazon (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Our engineers configure and install a highly scalable Kubernetes environment in your cloud account, and have your WordPress website running in the cluster. No more performance bottlenecks, even with the highest traffic! Autoscaling of Kubernetes will enable your website to accommodate as many visitors as needed.

An advanced observability system with monitoring graphs and data logs will help visualize any performance issues and keep an eye on workloads and security. Observability tools will also check the execution of scripts and the time it takes, helping facilitate the search for plugins that slow down your website or online store.

A configured Cloudflare service will add to your website’s security while optimizing its speed and reducing load on the backend.

Deploying WordPress on Kubernetes allows our customers to run multiple highly loaded projects, even on limited resources, and efficiently process thousands of queries every day. Sounds impossible? Contact us for more details. We’ll be delighted to share our experience and get you on board!

Benefits of our solution

High availability
Due to a redundant cloud architecture your website setup will operate consistently without failing and downtimes.
Scalable WordPress websites on Kubernetes can withstand traffic spikes and remain operational even under heavy load.
SSL certificates
We add to your website security by providing secure connections ensured by Let’s Encrypt certificates.
Disaster recovery
We create and test a recovery plan, and make sure that your website backups are automated and take place regularly.
Managed core updates
We make sure that your website runs a stable PHP version with all security patches and modules in place to provide efficient management performance, improved SEO, and higher visitor retention.
We use Cloudflare and CloudFront caching services to improve the customer experience.
We deploy your website in a highly secured, well-architected environment, protected with firewalls.
Continuous monitoring
We define KPI and create strong monitoring and alerting escalation rules, ready to take action when needed.
24/7 support
Our support team is here to help you handle any technical issue so that you can concentrate on building a high-quality digital experience.


Already benefiting from our successful collaboration

Navdip Bhachech, Senior Vice President Engineering Bedrock Analytics — SHALB — Image
Navdip Bhachech
Senior Vice President
Engineering Bedrock Analytics
Modern infrastructure with config managing for Bedrock Analytics

“What I liked about Volodymyr and Sergii is that they would figure things out. They were very proactive in finding the resolution to every little issue and figuring it out and doing the research. That was nice to see. We were leaning on them for their expertise as the process went on. I think they did a great job on that and figured out a lot of little details.”

Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili, Head Of DevOps Engineering unit at BoGh — SHALB — Image
Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili
Head Of DevOps
Engineering unit at BoG
Flexible and modern platform for the Bank of Georgia

“Bank of Georgia needed a reliable platform with a fault-tolerant system. The guys from SHALB did a great job, additionally working out aspects not covered in the initial contract.”

Olexy Sadovy, CTO at PartsTech — SHALB — Image
Olexy Sadovy
CTO at PartsTech
Reliable and protected infrastructure for PartsTech

“The problem with our project was we had so many people working on it that it was very convoluted, – comments Olexy Sadovy. – So it was tough to untangle all this mess. And I think SHALB did a great job of working with that. We had a couple of bumps but we got through that and I think we ended up on the good side of it.”

Piotr Nowinski, Head of Product Engineering at Spryker Systems GmbH — SHALB — Image
Piotr Nowinski
Head of Product Engineering at Spryker
Delivering an event platform for e-commerce giant

"Overall, they did a good job. They understood the timelines and worked towards them, delivering on time and within the budget. We didn’t have to push them. SHALB understood the goal we wanted to achieve and worked towards it."

Igor Stolnitsky, CEO of Horoshop — SHALB — Image
Igor Stolnitsky
CEO of Horoshop
Providing a reliable server architecture for SaaS platform

“The solutions proposed by Shalb have proven their quality over time. The built cluster turned out to be easy and cheap to scale. Using it, we easily increased the number of clients we can serve at the same time by tenfold, without proportionally increasing the size of our team.”


How do I run WordPress in Kubernetes?

Running WordPress in Kubernetes requires setting up a Kubernetes cluster and deploying the necessary resources. Our team of experts will handle the configuration and deployment process, ensuring your WordPress website runs seamlessly in the Kubernetes environment. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and get started.

What are the benefits of running WordPress in Kubernetes?

Running WordPress in Kubernetes offers several advantages. It provides scalability, allowing your website to handle high traffic volumes without performance bottlenecks. Kubernetes’ autoscaling feature ensures your website can scale up or down based on demand. Additionally, Kubernetes provides advanced observability tools, enhancing monitoring, security, and the overall performance of your WordPress site.

Can I migrate my existing WordPress website to Kubernetes?

Yes, we can assist you in migrating your existing WordPress website to a Kubernetes cluster. Our team will carefully plan and execute the migration process, ensuring minimal downtime and a smooth transition to the new environment. Reach out to us to discuss the specifics of your migration requirements.

Will running WordPress in Kubernetes impact my website's speed?

On the contrary, running WordPress in Kubernetes can optimize your website’s speed. With features like autoscaling, load balancing, and efficient resource utilization, Kubernetes helps ensure your website can handle high traffic volumes while maintaining excellent performance. Additionally, we implement optimization techniques, such as utilizing a CDN (Content Delivery Network), like Cloudflare, to further enhance your website’s speed and reduce backend load.

How does Kubernetes enhance the security of my WordPress website?

Kubernetes provides robust security features to protect your WordPress website. It offers isolation between containers, ensuring that if one component is compromised, the others remain unaffected. Kubernetes also integrates with security tools and enables granular access control policies. Furthermore, we configure additional security measures, such as leveraging Cloudflare’s security services, to safeguard your WordPress website from potential threats.

Can I still use WordPress plugins with Kubernetes?

Absolutely! Running WordPress in Kubernetes does not restrict you from using plugins. However, it’s essential to ensure that the plugins you choose are compatible with the Kubernetes environment. Our team will guide you in selecting and optimizing plugins to maximize your website’s performance and maintain compatibility with Kubernetes.

Does running WordPress in Kubernetes require advanced technical knowledge?

While Kubernetes can be complex, our team of experts will handle the technical aspects of running WordPress in Kubernetes for you. We have extensive experience in deploying WordPress in Kubernetes environments, and we will provide support throughout the process. You can focus on your core business while we take care of the technical intricacies.

Can I scale my WordPress website easily with Kubernetes?

Yes, Kubernetes makes scaling your WordPress website a breeze. With its autoscaling feature, the cluster can dynamically adjust resources based on demand. Whether you experience a sudden traffic spike or anticipate increased traffic during specific periods, Kubernetes ensures your website can scale horizontally, handling the increased load efficiently.

Will my website experience downtime during Kubernetes updates or maintenance?

Kubernetes updates and maintenance can be performed with minimal to no downtime. By employing strategies like rolling updates and maintaining high availability configurations, we ensure your WordPress website remains accessible to users while updates or maintenance activities are carried out in the Kubernetes environment.

How do I get started with running WordPress in Kubernetes?

Getting started is simple! Contact our team at SHALB, and we will discuss your requirements, provide a detailed plan, and guide you through the process of running WordPress in Kubernetes. Our experts will ensure a seamless transition and optimize your WordPress website for the powerful capabilities of Kubernetes.


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