Platform engineering

Relieve your developers from operational stuff. Leverage the advantages of delivery platforms to enhance productivity of your teams. Our platform engineering services aim to remove operation complexities and provide developers with everything they need to deploy and test their code.
What we do

We build infrastructures and platforms. An infrastructure is a set of components that are used to launch workloads. By a platform, we mean some reference infrastructure patterns. We design them for SRE and product teams so that they can launch infrastructures from those samples.

To facilitate the task of infrastructure design, we created – an open source framework that allows platform teams to quickly spin up fully-provisioned, production-ready environments.

Using our team will help you build an internal software engineering platform, including prototyping, integration, testing, and delivery to development teams.

Next-gen delivery platforms

Platform engineering brings forward an effective solution. Digital platform engineering is an interdisciplinary initiative between DevOps and SRE. Its main purpose is to enable self-service capabilities for software developers by providing a delivery platform – an integrated product for internal development that covers an application’s operational needs throughout its lifecycle. Delivery platforms are built on top of technologies and tools that are already in use in the company, helping to consolidate them as a whole.

Delivery platforms are designed FOR developers, and therefore primarily consider their needs. A well-built platform will enable your developers to:

  • add new microservices and infrastructure components (w/wo CI/CD)
  • provision new infrastructures and initial dataplanes
  • manage logs, metrics, and alert coverage of services
  • set up permissions and security boundaries
  • update and test system components
Reasons to implement a delivery platform
Developers are released to perform their main goal: delivering features.
Increased productivity and efficiency as product teams become more autonomous in deploying applications.
Removing the complexities of DevOps tools brings developers a user-friendly toolkit that is simple to work with.
Different technologies are seamlessly integrated together under one roof.
Reduced errors and increased reliability of shipping due to automation of routine tasks.

Benefits of SHALB-designed platforms:

Simple self-service for developers
We provide a ready-to-use, fully provisioned environment that has everything developers need to test and deploy microservices.
High availability
The failover design and redundancy of critical components ensures high availability of services that run on the platform.
Enhanced security
Our platform features all measures that constitute a strong security posture, including IAM policies, SSO, data encryption, secrets management, and active external protection.
Our platform has a centralized observability system that aggregates data from logging, monitoring, and tracing tools in one place. Developers have access to tracing and service metrics of both system components and user workloads.
Git is a single source of truth
All infrastructure components are described in code and stored in Git. As CI/CD pipelines are enabled via Git, developers can use the tools they are familiar with to manage application deployments and Kubernetes operation tasks.
We provide detailed user guidelines for platform maintainers and developers on how to deploy microservices using the platform, perform service updates, restore services after failover, etc.


Already benefiting from our successful collaboration

Navdip Bhachech, Senior Vice President Engineering Bedrock Analytics — SHALB — Image
Navdip Bhachech
Senior Vice President
Engineering Bedrock Analytics
Modern infrastructure with config managing for Bedrock Analytics

“What I liked about Volodymyr and Sergii is that they would figure things out. They were very proactive in finding the resolution to every little issue and figuring it out and doing the research. That was nice to see. We were leaning on them for their expertise as the process went on. I think they did a great job on that and figured out a lot of little details.”

Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili, Head Of DevOps Engineering unit at BoGh — SHALB — Image
Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili
Head Of DevOps
Engineering unit at BoG
Flexible and modern platform for the Bank of Georgia

“Bank of Georgia needed a reliable platform with a fault-tolerant system. The guys from SHALB did a great job, additionally working out aspects not covered in the initial contract.”

Olexy Sadovy, CTO at PartsTech — SHALB — Image
Olexy Sadovy
CTO at PartsTech
Reliable and protected infrastructure for PartsTech

“The problem with our project was we had so many people working on it that it was very convoluted, – comments Olexy Sadovy. – So it was tough to untangle all this mess. And I think SHALB did a great job of working with that. We had a couple of bumps but we got through that and I think we ended up on the good side of it.”

Piotr Nowinski, Head of Product Engineering at Spryker Systems GmbH — SHALB — Image
Piotr Nowinski
Head of Product Engineering at Spryker
Delivering an event platform for e-commerce giant

"Overall, they did a good job. They understood the timelines and worked towards them, delivering on time and within the budget. We didn’t have to push them. SHALB understood the goal we wanted to achieve and worked towards it."

Igor Stolnitsky, CEO of Horoshop — SHALB — Image
Igor Stolnitsky
CEO of Horoshop
Providing a reliable server architecture for SaaS platform

“The solutions proposed by Shalb have proven their quality over time. The built cluster turned out to be easy and cheap to scale. Using it, we easily increased the number of clients we can serve at the same time by tenfold, without proportionally increasing the size of our team.”


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