Cloud Migration

Transform your business by shifting to a highly scalable cloud platform. SHALB specialists provide a full range of cloud migration works, including consulting, planning, execution, optimization, and post-migration support.
What makes cloud migration challenging?

Transition to a cloud results in certain advantages, such as infrastructure flexibility, lower maintenance costs, and enhanced performance. However, it takes more than simply shifting your applications and datastores to a cloud platform to achieve the hoped-for results. 

A successful cloud initiative relies on detailed planning and thorough assessment of both cost savings and operation advantages. Organizations moving to a cloud need to define clear KPIs to estimate their cost savings and operation advantages of their new cloud infrastructure. 

It is just as important to understand working profiles of your workloads to estimate their resource consumption. Additionally, some applications and datasets can have specific requirements that may affect their migration’s process or require additional efforts to shift. 

With so many factors to consider, it is no surprise that some organizations are reluctant to start the migration process. 

Trust our expertise in cloud migration! Our specialists can seamlessly perform the most complex migrations, including full-scale shifting of legacy project infrastructures. Let us increase the potential of your product by employing the cloud benefits for you. 

Advantages of cloud computing

Scalability and control over peak loads
High availability of services
Improved performance
Reduced costs
Consumption-based billing
Global access to cloud services
Cloud Migration as a Service

SHALB has long-term experience in cloud computing engineering, with infrastructure migration being one of our core competences. Employing SHALB as a migration partner will spare your team time and effort, while providing required technical expertise and support.  

We work with major providers of cloud computing services, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, DigitalOcean, IBM Cloud, etc. 

We understand that every migration is a tailored process. That is why we devote time and attention to learn your organization’s unique goals and challenges, and correlate them with a migration roadmap. We will not only migrate but also transform and improve your IT-operations and business-processes all-around. 

Our cloud migration services include:

Performing all types of migration
Whether a full data center exit, shifting specific applications, or cloud-to-cloud migration, our qualified specialists will seamlessly shift an entire infrastructure to a new environment.
Defining cloud migration strategy
We provide assistance in devising a clear strategy that includes setting attainable operating goals and business objectives that are to be achieved in the course of migration.
Consultancy on cloud service providers
Given your estimated cloud deployment, we thoroughly analyze available options from different providers, to help you choose the best-fit cloud platform, both technically and economically.
Defining cloud migration approach
Rehost, refactor, revise, rebuild, or replace – depending on your organization’s goals and the codebase’s state, our experts suggest the migration technique that best answers your needs.
Developing migration business case
We help you define advantages of cloud migration from an economic point of view, by setting clear KPIs and calculating expected total cost of ownership (TCO) on the cloud, compared to current TCO.
Training of staff
Organizing cloud workflow is different from running the same processes on-prem. Our engineers will teach your team to work on a new platform, making sure your employees learn new operating models within shortest terms.
Budgeting assistance
A cloud payment model can be hard to comprehend, considering the dynamic nature of cloud environments. We make sure our customers understand the cloud billing process and keep their costs under control.
Data security and compliance
Migration to a cloud changes security approach, shifting focus on identity and access management. We make sure all your services are configured correctly and have appropriate security controls at place.


Already benefiting from our successful collaboration

Navdip Bhachech, Senior Vice President Engineering Bedrock Analytics — SHALB — Image
Navdip Bhachech
Senior Vice President
Engineering Bedrock Analytics
Modern infrastructure with config managing for Bedrock Analytics

“What I liked about Volodymyr and Sergii is that they would figure things out. They were very proactive in finding the resolution to every little issue and figuring it out and doing the research. That was nice to see. We were leaning on them for their expertise as the process went on. I think they did a great job on that and figured out a lot of little details.”

Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili, Head Of DevOps Engineering unit at BoGh — SHALB — Image
Vazha Pirtskhalaishvili
Head Of DevOps
Engineering unit at BoG
Flexible and modern platform for the Bank of Georgia

“Bank of Georgia needed a reliable platform with a fault-tolerant system. The guys from SHALB did a great job, additionally working out aspects not covered in the initial contract.”

Olexy Sadovy, CTO at PartsTech — SHALB — Image
Olexy Sadovy
CTO at PartsTech
Reliable and protected infrastructure for PartsTech

“The problem with our project was we had so many people working on it that it was very convoluted, – comments Olexy Sadovy. – So it was tough to untangle all this mess. And I think SHALB did a great job of working with that. We had a couple of bumps but we got through that and I think we ended up on the good side of it.”

Piotr Nowinski, Head of Product Engineering at Spryker Systems GmbH — SHALB — Image
Piotr Nowinski
Head of Product Engineering at Spryker
Delivering an event platform for e-commerce giant

"Overall, they did a good job. They understood the timelines and worked towards them, delivering on time and within the budget. We didn’t have to push them. SHALB understood the goal we wanted to achieve and worked towards it."

Igor Stolnitsky, CEO of Horoshop — SHALB — Image
Igor Stolnitsky
CEO of Horoshop
Providing a reliable server architecture for SaaS platform

“The solutions proposed by Shalb have proven their quality over time. The built cluster turned out to be easy and cheap to scale. Using it, we easily increased the number of clients we can serve at the same time by tenfold, without proportionally increasing the size of our team.”


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