Slack is a one-stop collaboration system designed for workspaces. Emerged as a startup in 2015, it quickly became popular as one of the most effective communicative solutions for team working.


Apart from its great set of features, Slack easily synchronizes with a number of apps and services, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Jira, Trello, Google Calendar to name but a few. The synchronization is offered automatically whenever Slack finds the appropriate content. Moreover, it is also compatible with iOS and Android to provide you with the information anytime and anywhere. But the thing that really makes Slack stand out from other collaborative and messaging apps is its ability to integration.


Focused primarily on developers’ workspaces, Slack has an open API for writing customized applications. These applications can further on integrate with other systems through the OAuth framework.


Slack at SHALB


At SHALB, we eagerly leverage Slack huge integration capabilities to become closer to our customers. In Slack we create a dedicated channel for the project needs and share it with the customer. We use the channel for real-time online messaging with the customer’s team.


What is more, the Slack functionality allows for the DevOps tools deployed in the customer’s project to send notifications into the channel directly. It is very convenient, as we have all the alerts duplicated in Slack, which in turn sends notifications to email. With all systems on guard we are ready for an instant feedback in case of any discrepancies in your working systems.


At SHALB, we love Slack for the convenience of use, well-organized structure and a variety of integration possibilities. We recommend using Slack as a support request channel to benefit our communication.