Along with high quality of services, productive communication makes the basis of customers’ loyalty. Well-organized support service helps our customers to file a support request whenever they need it and enables us to assist them within the shortest possible time.


At SHALB we use several channels to make it easier for our customers to talk to us. Customer communication flows seamlessly across all channels, making our workflow more productive. The communication channels include:


  • Jira, an issue management tool. It allows customers to track issue status, make comments and see labor hours expended on issue solving. At SHALB, we synchronize Jira with Opsgenie, a solution for alerting and incident management, to escalate open issues with high priority.
  • Slack, a collaborative application with a broad range of integration possibilities. We use Slack for real-time messaging with our customers, and as a single point to receive notifications and alerts that come from Opsgenie.
  • Email, a customary communication channel that is used to create tasks. Based on incoming email, a ticket management system creates an issue to investigate an incident.
  • Skype for online conversations and message exchange.
  • Phone to receive text messages and calls from monitoring and notification systems.


Customer support


SHALB provides customer support and monitoring services 24/7. Our engineer-on-duty keeps an eye on monitoring notifications and addresses a queue of incoming tickets. Our responding to monitoring notifications takes no longer than 5 minutes. We address critical issues immediately after receiving the notification. Resolving non-critical tasks starts within an hour.


According to the estimated scope of work, a ticket can be classified as a DevOps task or a service request. DevOps tasks are specified within customer agreement and include works such as solution development and implementing new features. In other words, that kind of task implies certain changes in the infrastructure configuration. On the contrary, service request tasks deal mostly with the maintenance of current systems and include performing quick fixes, machine failure recovery, etc.


Our customers can submit their support requests via Jira customer portal and report their problems using one of the communication channels.