Backendless is a US-based company that offers a platform for developing mobile applications without the need for coding skills. The platform’s functionality includes tools for creating both the frontend and backend sides, allowing Backendless’s customers to bring their ideas to life without coding skills.


The Backendless platform is a popular solution used by hundreds of customers, ranging from small startups to large corporations. Before partnering with SHALB, Backendless allowed customers to deploy the platform in their environments while hosting the installation on a server. However, as more enterprise customers began using public cloud services, Backendless needed to provide the ability to deploy its SaaS within their cloud accounts.


Moreover, Backendless aimed to make their software easily installable. Ideally, they wanted it to be a single command that could enable fast and hassle-free installation on the customer’s side.


Additionally, Backendless had another requirement: to be closer to their customers around the globe, they needed to quickly launch new AWS regions in specific areas. However, this was technically challenging since the company’s infrastructure wasn’t codified. The task required manual reproduction of stack configuration; a lengthy and complex process. Moreover, Backendless was time-constrained as they planned to launch marketing campaigns in new geographic locations soon.



After evaluating different contractors for the tasks, Backendless decided to choose SHALB. Having been a customer of ours before, they were already highly satisfied with our services. So, when they needed help again, they didn’t hesitate to contact us.


The tasks assigned to us by Backendless included:


  • Developing a solution that would enable quick and easy deployment of their enterprise SaaS on the customer’s side.
  • Integrating the solution within the complex Backendless system.
  • Providing the Backendless team with the ability to swiftly launch AWS regions within new target areas.


During the course of the project, the SHALB team developed a codified solution that enables the quick deployment of a fully-fledged AWS infrastructure with an EKS cluster. The cluster is launched with a pre-installed set of the customer’s software, including databases and workloads, and a monitoring and logging stack is set up.


Diagram of an ifrastructure deployed by in Beckendless`s AWS subaccount — Shalb — Image


For the infrastructure deployment and provisioning, we used – SHALB’s very own solution for managing cloud-native infrastructures. The advantages of using met all the requirements for this particular project, including:


  1. Fast and easy deployment of SaaS. We could have employed Terraform to achieve the same results. However, has a simpler configuration and, unlike Terraform, allows for a one-command deployment.
  2. Saving time on resource validation. has its own state, which eliminates lengthy validation of AWS resources performed by Terraform every time before applying changes. In large infrastructures with frequent deployments, like that of Backendless, it can save up to two hours of working time per day.
  3. Managing complex systems. Backendless has a complex infrastructure with many interconnected resources. is ideal for managing such systems as it keeps track of interrelations and dependencies among components.



According to Roman Progonnyj, the senior DevOps engineer engaged in the project, the hardest part was integrating the developed solution with the customer’s existing stack while complying with its logic. This required developing numerous connecting points that our engineers devised in collaboration with the customer’s team.


To summarize; the SHALB team had to integrate several components together and teach them how to work with one another seamlessly. For example, teach the Backendless workload to work with and perform additional functions such as creating domains and Ingress controllers in EKS using Kubernetes API, and enabling the Cert manager to access the domain zone in another account. All of this required a high level of technical expertise and collaboration between SHALB and Backendless teams.


After the project’s completion, Backendless gained a fully codified solution for deploying their enterprise SaaS on customers’ cloud accounts. The solution was seamlessly integrated with Backendless’ existing system and complied with its inner logic. This enabled the company to quickly launch new AWS regions in required areas, making it easier to be closer to their customers around the world.


The solution also allowed for fast and easy installation of Backendless’s SaaS on the customer’s side, which now takes less than an hour. A one-command launch eliminates the need for lengthy and complex manual reproducing of stack configurations, while a high level of automation minimizes chances of human-induced errors.


Building infrastructure code with simplifies its further management and has certain advantages compared to Terraform.



The SHALB team has the knowledge and skills for building infrastructures of any complexity. So, if you have any problems with your existing infrastructure, don’t hesitate to contact us. Book an online meeting or contact for more information. We’ll be happy to hear from you!