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Server uptime is business-critical mission for us . We enhance the quality of services that we provide by using SPAE

Sergiy Bobok, CTO.


Server Monitoring Features

Security Performance Availability Engine

Who can use SPAE?

Anyone who has internet faced server(s), or vps with real ip-address.

How it works?

Remote server monitoring system SPAE based on SaaS (Software as a Service) model. That means that you don't need to install any software on your server - just enable snmp daemon and start using.

What SPAE can?

Main Features


Simple start and intuitive interface:

  • No need to install external software
  • All checks over snmp
  • Add server wizard
  • Simple window-based web-interface

Server services and resources monitoring:

  • Web server monitoring (HTTP)
  • Network monitoring (ping latency, packet loss)
  • Dns server monitoring (DNS)
  • Mail server monitoring (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
  • File server monitoring (FTP)
  • SSH availability monitoring
  • CPU Usage monitoring
  • Disk Usage monitoring
Notification over email, sms, icq

server service monitoring

Performance and resource usage graphs:

  • Traffic/Interface graphs
  • CPU usage graphs
  • Memory utilization graphs
  • Load Average graphs
  • Disk usage graphs

Security monitoring and vulnerability scanning:

  • More than 28 000 vulnerability checks
  • Proactive security notifications
  • Server software up to date checks
  • Complex report system
  • Penetration test

Is It Secure?

Absolutely! We provide web application security audits for every release. Our servers maintained by high level system administrators and security officers to guarantee top quality of service. Client-server connections encrypted using SSL protocol.